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Snohomish County Public Works Surface Water Mgmt.

General Information


Job title: Project Specialist IV - Public Works
Job location: Everett, WA 98201 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 06/30/13
Job type: Full-Time

Job Classification

Job Category:Project Manager

Job Description

Job description:
The Snohomish County Department of Public Works, Surface Water Management Division is seeking highly motivated/qualified applicants to fill positions in the River Capital/Floodplain Services program. The SWM River Capital/Floodplain Services program uses unique approaches within river reaches to work with natural river processes and coordinate with local stakeholders to improve salmon habitat, protect infrastructure and property, resolve river issues and manage floodplains. The program will function as a team to provide a proactive and practical approach to the analysis of river processes as well as to the design and construction of river projects. Another key element of the program involves close coordination with stakeholders, including local landowners, tribes, grant agencies, permit agencies, consultants, and other interest groups.

Well-qualified applicants will have direct field experience with projects in large rivers or streams, will excel at project management and communication, will have high professional standards, will be highly productive, will work well in a team environment, and will be willing to be mentored.

This position provides project management for geomorphic and hydraulic assessments and capital improvements to rivers and large streams. This is a project management position that will perform a wide variety of tasks related to the management of river projects, including managing consultant contracts, applying for and managing grant contracts, developing and monitoring budgets, and overseeing the work of other resource groups. This position will be expected to coordinate with a wide variety of stakeholders, including permitting agencies, tribes, and the local agricultural community, so good speaking and writing skills are essential. The preferred candidate will be able to demonstrate strong project management skills, including experience managing large engineering river projects. The preferred candidate will have good leadership skills, but will also be willing to be mentored. The preferred candidate will have expertise in a variety of related technical fields, such as engineering, geomorphology, and river processes. The preferred candidate will have high professional standards, will be highly productive, and will be a good team player. Additional desirable experience and/or qualities include river analysis or design experience, emergency flood response, experience coordinating river surveys, watercraft skills, and habitat data analysis.

The selection process will be:

• On-line only application and supplemental questionnaire;
• Minimum qualification screening;
• Supplemental questionnaire scored;
• Applicants with the highest supplemental scores that qualify for an interview will be interviewed;
• Criminal background check;
• Reference check – if you are invited to an interview please bring a list of your references including current and former supervisors and internal clients;
• Credential verification – copies of your diploma and/or certificates will be required if you are invited to an interview and you have listed on your application any education beyond high school;
• Top candidates may be invited to a second interview.

Snohomish County is an equal opportunity employer committed to an inclusive, multicultural workplace.

To coordinate and manage the planning, development and implementation and evaluation of sensitive county-wide surface water programs. Employees in this classification are assigned to work as a project leader on multiple, complex, programs or projects which meet at least five (5) of the following criteria:
1. Have annual budget in excess of $1 million.
2. Involve significant risk to the county's financial or legal position.
3. Require management of significant planning, engineering, technical, and system, legal, financial, or political issues.
4. Directly impact programs and activities at all organizational levels, such as operations and planning of the surface water management division.
5. Require ongoing and regular consultation with other divisions of county government or ongoing and regular consultation with intra county and/or county political jurisdictions.
6. Require ongoing and regular consultation with business people from the private sector, citizen groups, and/or individual citizens.
1. Assumes lead role in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of surface water programs and projects; has lead responsibility for identifying information required, choosing data collection methods and collecting data; assumes lead role in developing program and project options; leads efforts to analyze proposals and cost estimates; leads efforts to solicit input and involvement from department staff and citizens.
2. Assumes lead role in the management of multiple, complex pro­grams and projects as assigned. May direct and coordinate the activities of Project Specialist I's, II's and III’s, or Associate Planners and Senior Planners, public involvement staff and/or technical staff in the planning and implementation of programs and projects as assigned: insures that the completed work complies with applicable laws, regulations, ordinances and grant requirements.
3. Responsible for development and administration of program/project team's budget, work plan, and schedule to ensure cost effective and timely project completion.
4. Responsible for and may lead team in preparing bids, requests for proposals, and contract documents; is responsible for shepherding contracts and inter-local agreements through the approval process; monitors the performance of various contractors, consultants, and cooperating local agencies; approves work in progress and upon completion; approves billings for services received; prepares status reports as required.
5. Prepares and submits various grant and loan proposals; implements or leads team which implements the various grant tasks; drafts and negotiates subcontracts under grants; coordinates, monitors and approves work completed by grant funded subcontractors and recipients; administers non-accounting aspects of major and minor grants.
6. Serves as principal staff representative on various advisory committees, commissions, and interest groups; coordinates the formation of various groups as necessary; develops agendas and keeps the group informed about problems, needs, pending changes and various topics of interest; moderates discussions, mediates disputes, and resolves conflicts among numerous diverse groups both in-house and outside; arranges for presentations by other staff and agencies; as needed delegates tasks and work assignments to team members; leads the effort to develop group policies, documents and reports.
1. Acts as prime contact when questions about programs and projects arise from the public, government officials, business leaders, the media and interest groups; resolves conflicts between various individuals and interest groups; researches files and re­cords and provides information over the phone, in person, and in writing.
2. Acts as the program or project's prime spokesperson; principal representative of the county for project or program-related presentations; attends meetings and participates in, or leads discussions.
3. Responsible for and may lead team in developing strategic approaches for presenting sensitive issues and information to a variety of audiences; leads group that arranges for, sets up, and/or participates in public meeting, hearings, and council sessions; supervises the preparation of graphics, displays, brochures, leaflets, and slide/tape shows; prepares oral and writ­ten presentations including findings and reports; acts as the department's key representative by responding to questions; solicits input at public meetings as appropriate.
4. Performs related duties as required.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
Minimum Qualifications:
A bachelor's degree in environmental sciences/studies, engineering, public administration, political science, economics, geography, urban planning, sociology or a related field; AND, three (3) years experience in work specific to the specific requirements of the position; OR, any combination of training and/or experience that provides the required knowledge and abilities. A Master's degree may be substituted for one (1) year of experience. Must pass job related tests.
A valid Washington State Driver's License is required for employment.
Additional Information:
Knowledge of:
· the principles and practices of surface water management;
· research and data collection techniques;
· current literature, trends, regulations and developments in the surface water and water resources fields;
· the use of personal computers.
Ability to:
· serve as team leader and direct the activities of subordinate employees;
· gather, evaluate and document technical data;
· read, interpret and apply legal documents;
· independently prepare and implement comprehensive programs;
· independently organize tasks, delegate responsibility and coordinate a team effort under deadlines;
· synthesize research results and use these results as a basis for recommendations;
· communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
· make effective group presentations;
· establish and maintain effective work relationships with all levels of county management and staff, representatives of other agencies and the general public;
· read, interpret and apply federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations governing assigned duties;
· Communicate effectively with people of all ages and from a variety of cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds;
· negotiate contracts and oversee contractors;
· resolve conflicts.
Employees in this class receive direction from a Project Specialist Manager, or administrative superior. The work is performed with considerable independence and is reviewed through meetings, periodic status reports and results obtained.
The work is performed in the usual office environment with field trips to locations throughout the county for the purpose of attending community meetings and public hearings and making site visits.
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